by Egenie Wilondja


Egenie, a former LEEP Staff member whose family was resettled to Australia, shares with us a poem she wrote illustrating the transformative and healing power of leadership.


Here’s the text of the poem:


Just like the wind it came blowing
At first I couldn’t see it glowing
In the mist of thousands
I couldn’t understand
How and why did I get the chance?
To act it out
At first I was shy
But I knew I had to apply
What I would supply
In order for them to rely and keep the tie.

One may inherit or learn it
Call it a skill or knowledge
Some regard it as a trait
But at LEEP we call it synergy
For it does not grow over night for any man
And needs no authority to show
But rather charisma and creativity
That will invite and inspire the blooming
And improving the hearts of many.

Leadership is transformational and not transactional
It has no subordinates but rather has followers
Leadership is based on friendship
And not kinship
A good leader is not paid
To lower the pain
But rather pour themselves for the people.

If you had a chance to reflect
Would you regard yourself as a leader a tweeter or a preacher?
Think deeper about your brother before you select your perfect number
Think of being a leader before a teacher

About egenie
Egenie is a former LEEP staff member whose family was recently resettled to Australia. Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Egenie and her family were refugees living in the Dukwi camp in Botswana. Passionate about the well-being of children, access to education, and caring communities, Egenie was essential to the formation of LEEP in its first year in Botswana.