by Deqo Mahad

After long evaluation, analysis, and introspection, I came to realize that each one of us is the commander, or master, of our own futures. Because of this awareness, I now recognize that the choices and decisions we make have either a positive or negative impact on our lives, and can even become an absolute obstacle to realizing our dreams.

I understand that life comes with challenges and often times we tell ourselves, “I’m helpless” or “I don’t have a choice” but the fact is that we all have a choice. It’s just that we decide to be victims of the situation. I also once felt helpless, powerless. I felt that I was the only one on earth, although family and friends surrounded me. I felt I was suffocating. I was tired of being criticized, unappreciated, and most importantly, tired of needing to impress others. It was then that I realized I did not want to live under the shadow of others and didn’t want to live my life according to cultural beliefs and expectations. A simple decision changed everything: I began to live my life the way I wanted without fears or judgments.

We all have the power to change our destiny. All it takes is to believe in our inner strength and to make the choices that set us free and make us happy. Whatever you decide today will be your tomorrow. It’s never too late to turn the table and put a stop to the things and people that make you feel little and worthless.

It’s now upon you to decide whether to be a prisoner of yourself or to set yourself free. It is the death of your inner power when you allow others to create circumstances where you begin to doubt yourself or devalue your own ideas. None of our great leaders had extra organs to make them legends. And so it is upon you to be as great as them or to lock your inner strength away.

Deqo Mahad
About Deqo Mahad
Deqo, 19, was born in Somalia, though raised in the Dukwi refugee camp in Botswana. She joined LEEP in 2015, is passionate about education, and cares deeply for her younger brothers and sisters.
Unleashing Your Inner Power