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boy“Being a Leader-in-Training taught me how to talk to people without interrupting them, how to be more respectful and how to listen to what people have to say. My greatest accomplishment was all the work I did with a nine year-old named Darren. At the start of the session he was quiet and seemed insecure. I spent a lot of time with him and now he’s helpful and doesn’t keep to himself anymore. This told me that I am good with little kids.”

“I learned how to add fractions with and without common denominators. I didn’t know how to do that before camp started. I liked learning math and I like the teacher that taught it. In reading, I read a book about snakes and other reptiles and learned how to write summaries. At first, math was frustrating but I finally learned it and felt very proud of myself.”

“My greatest accomplishment was finding the candy mountain that Paul set up for us to find in the woods. And then we got to eat candy! We didn’t get there the first time, but the second time we had a map and compass and found it.”

“My most challenging experience was working with my little brother. At home I have no authority over him. At camp I’m a Leader-in-Training. I had to learn to deal with him from a leader’s point of view.”

“Over the summer I became better at reading and I listen better to my parents. I am better at math. I learned about silence and I think that will help me not speak in class when I am not supposed to.”

“I think TerraShare has changed me. I felt safe here because at TerraShare there is no teasing, picking on people, or saying rude words. EVERYTHING IS POSITIVE!”

“I learned a lot this summer. In my math lessons I learned long division and multiplication. In my reading class, I learned how to write in cursive and new vocabulary. I also read a lot. I learned to try new things without being scared.”

What-the-Kids-Say-Leadership-Programs-21“This summer I have learned how to be really good and put others before me. I have learned how to help others when they get hurt. I liked learning up here – the staff, the reading, and the lessons.”

“My name is Philip, I am eleven years old. I have three brothers and a sister. I really enjoyed fishing, swimming and learning my times tables. I loved fishing – it was my favorite thing to do.  I caught lots of fish – big ones and little ones. I learned to be respectful, use manners and be a kid. I learned to be patient with myself as well as others. I had fun in class with my teachers – they were so smart and cute. When I went canoeing I learned that you have to keep going even when it hurts. I met lots of really cool people – they were all different and interesting. I appreciate you giving the camp money so we all could come here. It was so fun and challenging.”

“I learned to do times tables and to be kind to my brothers. I like it here. It was really, really fun and I learned a lot of stuff.”

“I worked really hard to be a leader. Basically, being a leader at TerraShare is a 24/7 job. I always had to check myself and make sure I did the right thing. This wasn’t just for younger campers, but for my peers too.”

“One of my greatest accomplishments here at TerraShare is when we saved a little donkey named Darlin’ when she was lost, and also completing a blind hike by using my other senses instead of using my vision. This feat taught me that if it looks like one way is blocked and you can’t get through it, you should look around it, under it, beside it, and every way possible but the way you looked the first time.”

“I learned that when you fall, you just have to be calm about it.”

“I changed because I always wanted to help somebody but at home I normally don’t do that, I only help when somebody tells me. But here if I see somebody needs help I see if I can help them.”

“My favorite thing at camp is EVERYTHING! My biggest challenge at camp was canoeing in the rapids at the river. I learned how to do lots of things, including rehearsing a play, writing words, and doing math. Something that made me stronger was achieving my goals, which were focusing and listening, being patient with myself, and eating healthy.  I am thankful for coming here. I hope kids can come to TerraShare forever!”

“My greatest accomplishment here at TerraShare was getting to be a Leader-in-Training. I loved it. I got to work with all sorts of kids, young and older. I can take the things I learned home and I can be friends with those who are different because everyone needs a friend. My time here changed me so much.”

“The biggest challenge for me was canoeing through rapids and I am thankful God gave me a reward by letting me find a snake skin on a rock in the middle of the New River.”

What-the-Kids-Say-Leadership-Programs-31“One way I changed is that in the past I was sad, but now I’m happy because I get to hang out with new people. Another way is all the staff have showed me what I really am and got me to be happy about myself.  I was surprised when the other campers wrote positive things about me that I never knew about myself during one of the team-building games.”

“From my classes at camp I have learned how to work hard. In math, I learned division and I liked it. In reading, we read Artemis Fowl. My friends here were a lot different than the ones at school because you get to hang out with them much longer and they are nicer to me.”

“To be a Leader-in-Training means to have to learn from your mistakes and try to help people when they are making mistakes. Everyone does not get picked to be one and I think that I am very lucky.”

“Coming back as an Leader-in-Training, I knew what was going on and as a leader I had to help lead activities and new campers in my group would follow.  So, if I didn’t want to participate, they wouldn’t want to participate either, so I worked hard to have a good attitude.”

“I was surprised to learn that I could be a leader! My greatest challenge here at TerraShare was being a Leader-in-Training. There is a lot of responsibility involved and it has great rewards. It is not as easy as it sounds, but I would give up anything to come back and do it again.”